Mission Statement

At Craig Taylor Construction Company, service is our key to success. Whether your interest is general construction, site development, real estate syndication or home remodeling, our objective is to ensure the success of your every building or development venture.

Because we understand the importance of your investment, our philosophy is to consistently maintain the highest performance standards.  Our commit to management expertise, skilled tradesmanship and effective planning assures you that our performance will meet your expectations of quality, economy and service.  This is our key to your success.

When you think construction and real estate development or home remodeling, think service.  And, when you think service, think Craig Taylor Construction Company.

Whatever your goals, Craig Taylor Construction Company can help you meet them.  For two very good reasons.  First, we’re small enough to provide you with personalized service…and we give that EXTRA serivce that will make the difference.  Second, we can back up our service claim with a strong recond of successful achievement in all phases of construction, real estate development and home remodeling.